About Kapaa Kauai 

Coconut Coast KapaaCoconut Coast Kapaa

Living on the island of Kauai affords residents the opportunity to bask in the 80-degree days that are filled with nothing but sunshine. Known as the best kept secret in Hawaii, Kauai is considered a relatively remote island with plenty of green jungles and white sand beaches. However, Kapaa is the place where those who don't want to give up that metropolitan lifestyle come to live. Kapaa is filled with shopping centers and delicious restaurants, all while being a short walk away from a perfect Hawaiian beach. The Coconut Marketplace is the best place to find local, handmade products in Kapaa.

Kauai Sunset,Kauai HIKauai Sunset

Residents who live in Kapaa condos find that they have the opportunity to enjoy the same fun-filled activities as the thousands of tourists who visit the island each year. While Kapaa is known for its shopping options, it is also home to many of the best water sporting opportunities on the island. When the people of Kapaa have down time, they will most likely be found enjoying a kayak ride on the ocean or water skiing on incredible waves.

Market in Kapaa, Kauai HIMarket in Kapaa

There are various Hindu religious sites in Kapaa as well, adding to the unique and diverse culture of this area of the island. Kauai's Hindu Monastery is considered one of the top attractions in Kapaa, and is a peaceful place where people can retreat, relax and seek peace as well as tranquility. The Kadavul Hindu Temple is another Hindu site in Kapaa that is well regarded by residents and travelers alike.

Kauai HarborKauai Harbor

In addition to the cultural sites and the magnificent beaches, Kapaa residents also have access to top notch services. The Wilcox Memorial Hospital is only eight miles away in nearby Lihue. There are three public schools in the community — Kapaa Elementary School, Kapaa Middle School and Kapaa High School. In addition, the private facility St. Catherine School is located in this town. Kapaa is a place where families can establish roots while reveling in the glory of paradise.

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