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Most Hawaiian towns are known for their stunning beaches and tropical atmospheres. While Waimea is a famous seaport town in Kauai that is located on the water, it's actually known more for its rugged landscape. Buyers who are looking into their Kauai Waimea Real Estate options will soon find out that this town is more famous for the Waimea Canyon than it is for its area beaches.

The Waimea Canyon is located on the west side of the island. This behemoth canyon has earned the nickname "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific Ocean." It is one mile-wide, and 14 miles long. The canyon itself is about 3,600 feet deep. Some may forget that they are on the island of Kauai as they soak in the panoramic views of the canyon's gorges and buttes. The locals are known to be avid hikers, who enjoy maneuvering the trails of this magnificent natural wonder in their free time.

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The town is based around the seaport, which is the site where the Europeans first landed on the Hawaiian Islands. Locals refer to the town as the "original visitor destination" in Hawaii as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the discovery. One notable site in town is the statue of Captain Cook, which is an exact replica of the original Captain Cook statue that is located in Whitby, England. Another popular destination is the West Kauai Technology & Visitor Center, which dedicates itself to educating people on the past, present and future of Kauai.

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Many towns in Hawaii immerse themselves in the ever-booming tourism industry, but Waimea stands out as an exception to the rule. This tiny town, with just more than 1,700 residents, is home to a growing technology sector. High-tech companies continue to relocate to this area, which is increasing the demand in the local Real Estate market and providing residents with ample job opportunities. Waimea is a town that is all about diversity. From its dynamic economy to its contradicting landscape, there's no place quite like it in the rest of the state.

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